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Mouana Residence Song Khun Chalong

Where Nature and Modern Living Embrace in Perfect Harmony.

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Chalong, Phuket

Welcome to Mouana Residence Song Khun Chalong, where the essence of urban luxury meets the tranquility of a private oasis. Situated in the vibrant heart of Phuket City, our project redefines the art of sophisticated living.

A Lifestyle Beyond Compare

Mouana Residence Song Khun Chalong is more than just a collection of pool villas; it’s a testament to architectural excellence and a commitment to creating spaces that elevate your everyday experiences. Each villa is a masterpiece, designed to embody luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.

Educational Excellence

For families, our proximity to internationally acclaimed schools like Ruamrudee International School Phuket and Oak Meadow International School ensures a world-class education for your children.


Surrounding Lifestyle: The Best of Both Worlds

Experience a healthier lifestyle in Mouana Residence Song Khun Chalong. Located near the vibrant “Soi Ta-iad,” an alley bustling with numerous gyms, you’ll have a range of fitness options to choose from. Plus, quality healthcare is within reach with Dibuk Hospital just 9 minutes away. Your well-being is a top priority here.

At Mouana Residence Song Khun Chalong, we offer you more than a home; we offer you a lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle or a place to create lasting memories with your family, our pool villas provide the canvas for your dreams.



Beyond the allure of luxury living, Mouana Residence Song Khun Chalong presents a unique investment opportunity. The real estate market in Phuket City has shown remarkable growth, making it an attractive choice for investors seeking both immediate returns and long-term appreciation.

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